• http://www.shintoriart.com Seithon Jetter

    A very interesting piece of news, well put together and explained. :)

  • Manuel Ángel Abeledo García

    So, Intel is under a serious threat because AMD is trying some server CPUs, the mobile market is growing faster than the desktop market, and the author likes it all were like that.

    Truth is, Intel dominates in every market except on mobile, and they can fix that.

    If the day where x86 dies comes, and I cannot foresight it yet, that day we’ll talk about Intel’s problems.

  • DE-173

    i bought an ASUS Tablet with an Intel Atom processor. Battery life is terrible. (4 hours).

  • Skullet

    I’m a bit of a greenhorn when it comes to financial matters, so forgive my ignorance and the fact I’m 2 years late to the party, but isn’t profit what you have left after expenditures are taken into account? With that in mind wouldn’t CAPEX or fab upgrades fall into the expenditures category? Leaving Intel’s 9 or so billion profit as money in the bank?